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Our thanks to those who have shared their life story / testimony with us and the ‘rest of the world’, on these pages.

Please read on… read the life stories of those whose lives have been transformed since they’ve asked Jesus into their lives.

If you have a story to tell, of how Jesus has touched your life, then please let us know so that we can publish it here for others to read.

LeoLeo says…  “I came to Christ in 2014, after my parents got divorced. We lost our family home and we had to make a new life on our own. I was also really badly bullied at school. My mum and I were battling with a lot of difficult things in our lives…” 

Mark BullerMark says…  “Since we’ve been married, Mandy has always been a Christian and I’ve always sat on the outside looking in. After the Alpha course things just clicked with me and things became real, the next step was to make Jesus real in my life…” 

Jacqui RedfernJacqui says…  “When I was 15 I chose to be confirmed. I believed in God and I thought it meant I’d become a christian. As I’ve been reminded by Roger, ‘Even satan believes in God’ and we all know satan is definitely not a christian” 

JasmineJasmine says…  ” I think my chosen song should be “bless the lord oh my soul” because some of the words give you a picture in your head of what heaven looks like. Another reason why I wantto get baptised in Lo-worth Cove is because the water there is like what I imagined the water that Jesus was baptised in…” >>more

Mandy and NatalieMandy says…“When I was 5 we had a holiday caravan at Durdle door, I remember going out with my Dad and listening to Louis Armstrong singing “It’s a wonderful world”…”
Natalie says…“I felt like Jesus was never far, and always looking out for me” >>more

ShaneShane says…  “I was brought up in the Catholic Church and remember even as a young child going to church, I was christened and later confirmed. I got to a very dark time in my life when one day whilst having a shower I cried out to the Lord asking Him to change things in my life.” >>more

CharlieCharlie says…  “They don’t actually think Jesus is real do they?!” He’s “just a man who died on a Cross in the story” is what I got told at school, so this is what I went on to believe. I’m getting baptised today because I feel I’m at the right point in my Journey with Jesus and I want to show my faith in the Lord.” >>more

KateKate says…  “I am 8 years old and live in Crossways. I want to get baptised because Jesus says in the Bible that we should get baptised if we believe in Him. I do believe in Jesus, and God, and the Holy Spirit. I’ve believed for as long as I can remember.” >>more

AnnaAnna says…  “I have been trying to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism since 1999. It has been a long, degrading and painful journey and I have hurt many people, broken many laws, been to prison twice, been to three psychiatric units and overdosed more times than I can remember.” >>more

AlanAlan was baptized as a believer on Sunday 14th June 2015.

He is a member of the Church and has been attending for many years. Alan is actively involved in the choir and has been known to sing a solo or two. >>more

SylviaSylvia says…  “I was fortunate enough to be born into a Christian family and was christened as a baby. I then attended Sunday school at a local evangelical Church. I went on to be confirmed at twelve years old. Eventually I married my husband Richard at our local Church.” >>more

IanIan has been coming to Dorchester Community Church regularly since he attended an Alpha course back in 2014. He is currently engaged to Charlie who has also been Baptised as a believer. 


SueSue says…  “I kept praying and asking the Lord to show me where he wanted me to go. In late November I found Dorchester Community Church, I read through the website and listened to one of Rogers sermons and I said out loud `that’s where I am going’.” >>more

LoraineLoraine was baptised as a believer on Sunday 10th May 2015 at Dorchester Community Church. 


Mark_Ellis_smallMark says…  “I’m still broken and mess up regularly, but the best analogy was what a long term friend recently said to me when I was sharing my faith.”  He said “You’re still Mark, but your different to what you used to be……you’re a lot nicer!”  That’ll do for me… >>more

Paul left school at 16 and joined the Army as a musician.

“Before I was 18, I had had to deal with some big stuff and was struggling. Some of my friends had been killed in a terrorists incident..” >>more

Paula was baptised on Sunday 7th July 2013.
“Since dedicating my life to Christ, I feel the sense of love, joy, happiness and peace. For the very first time in my life I belong to Jesus and I embrace Him fully as my Lord and Saviour.”

‘Repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.  And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.’ – “These words seemed to hit me round the head.  I knew then I HAD to be baptised.” 

Jess says “I started coming to Dorchester Community Church two and a half years ago. The first time I came was to attend a friend of mine’s baptism and I instantly felt at home.

Lindsey said in her testimony “… it was then that I got the most powerful feeling, at the time I hadn’t really realised what it was but on reflection I know that it was God.

Andrea was baptised on Sunday 8th April 2012. “It is so wonderful to know that I am not alone and that when life gets tough, I have THE GREATEST HELP ON MY SIDE.

Lisa was baptised on 8th April 2012. At her baptism she said “I am as excited, committed and happy today as I was as a bride on my wedding day 5 years ago. As I did then, I know this is the right thing for me and the right time.” 

Jon was baptised on Sunday 28th August 2011, he said “It was a Thursday and we had P.E. that afternoon. Halfway through the P.E. lesson I prayed the prayer Mr T. had told us about and became a Christian.” 

Kay was baptised on 22nd June 2008, she writes in her life story… “I felt like I unzipped my body and a new me stepped out, leaving my past and my sins behind.

Chloe, a young member of our church who was baptised on 25th November 2007


Mike, who struggled with alcoholism until “his life changing day“…

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