Church Leadership – Elders

Leadership is key in many areas of life, and Church is no different in that respect. Different Churches have different models, but at Dorchester Community Church we believe that the spiritual leadership is in the hands of the Elders. This is not a term relating to age, but is the biblical term used for ‘leader’, and the role is predominantly a servant role. We also believe Leadership should be seen in a plural sense. Gone are the days of the ‘one man band’ mentality. Currently we have 6 Elders, one of these being our Pastor. The Elders are no better or worse than anybody else, but their role is a key one in leading the Church.  That said, we very much believe that God speaks through all of His people, so we do encourage members to share their thoughts, concerns and ideas as to what they believe God might be saying to us.  The Elders are Roger Frapwell, Dave, David, Chris, Roger Collins & Tom.

At Dorchester Community Church, the Elders have primary responsibility for  :-

  • Vision
  • Prayer
  • Outreach
  • Pastoral Care
  • Encouragement
  • Ministry Activities
  • Worship & Teaching
Meet the Elders

Roger Frapwell Dave Enwright David Herring Chris Webb Roger Collins Tom King
Roger Frapwell:  

Dave Enwright:  

David Herring:  

Chris Webb:  

Roger Collins:  

Tom King:  

Church Leadership – Deacons

As part of our wider Leadership Team we also have what we call Deacons. Their role too is very important. Deacons are to be people of faith and wisdom (Acts 6), and people who are actively demonstrating a servant’s heart. Their primary role is to support the Elders and to help to oversee the day to day running of the Church. Currently we have 7 Deacons (2 men and 5 women).  The Deacons are Kevin, Ian, Thelma, Jo, Andrea, Kay & Hilary

At Dorchester Community Church, the Deacons have primary responsibility for:-

  • Prayer
  • Publicity
  • Organised events
  • Christmas Events
  • Baptisms & Funerals
  • Supporting the Elders
  • Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Sharing the Vision of the Church
Meet the Deacons

Kevin Meech:  

Ian Blackie:

Thelma Greening Jo_Chant Andrea Chant Kay Cox Hilary Holman
Thelma Greening:  No email address on file

Jo Chant

Andrea Chant

Kay Cox

Hilary Holman

A Charitable Trust

Whilst our Elders and Deacons form the Church Leadership Team, another important group of people are our Charity Trustees.  Elders are also Trustees.  The Charity Trustees are involved in matters of governance, finance, policy, safeguarding, room hire, health & safety and staffing matters.

Their primary role is in ensuring that a right framework is in place from which the Church is able to operate both legally and within the parameters of the Trust Deed.

To contact the chair of the trustees, please email thank you.

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