So what’s it all about then…?Real 'men' do Alpha!

A course that’s impacted millions across the world. Here in Dorchester we have seen people find answers to their questions, many commenting on how the course has helped them to find real purpose in their lives.

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Course Dates for 2018

Month Day Topic covered this week
 April 19th ‘ALPHA’ SUPPER – please book in advance
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  26th Christianity : Boring, Irrelevant and Untrue…?
May 3rd Can we trust the Bible…?
  10th Who is this Jesus…?
  17th Why does the death of Jesus matter…?
  24th The Resurrection : Fact or Fiction…?
June 7th What about suffering…?
  14th Choosing Right from Wrong
  21st How can we find Guidance for our lives?
  28th How can I be sure…?
July 5th Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do…?
  12th What does this all mean for me…?
  26th What about Church…? And what next?!

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This Month (April) we are discussing the topic: “Who is this Jesus…?”

The Baby on the Christmas card? Swear word? Moral teacher? Hippie? Someone to blame for all the suffering…? The list goes on…
During his lifetime he spent just 3 years as an itinerant teacher, he wrote no books, and travelled in an area no bigger than Wales. There was no TV coverage or mass media campaign, yet no single life has influenced our world as much as this one man… Jesus.
“There’s just something about that name…”
He was called Jesus “because he will save his people from their sins”


Roger Frapwell

: Next month – “Why does the death of Jesus matter…?”

Feedback from previous courses

“I feel a real change has occurred, I feel a purpose in my life, happier, I loved the course”

“I received provision of real guidance – I’m very impressed!”

“I was a nominal believer but now I am a believer as I asked God into my life”

“I feel even more convinced of my faith”

“I feel sure now that God loves me but before I didn’t think He did”

“I now have a better tolerance of other people”

“Extremely enlightening, and I enjoyed the fish & chips!”

“I felt more aware of God’s purpose for me”

“Helpful in concentrating on difficult questions”

“I feel more peaceful, swear less, and have never felt so excited and needed”

“Time flew by, it was a great atmosphere”

“I feel that certain parts of me are changing slowly but surely”

“Before the course I would have described myself as an atheist, but now I am a Christian”

“Awesome, just went by far too quickly”

“I now have more contentment”

“Very moving – a revelation”

“I have certainly gained from the course, not least by meeting some kind, caring people and I’m sure many more people will do so in the future”

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