Use of Rooms


The use of our rooms will be limited to charities and charitable organisations.

Our attitude towards an application from a Charity for the use of our premises will be a positive one, since we want the building to be used by the community. We will seek to encourage appropriate Charities to use the premises for meetings & activities, where such meetings are complementary to the Church’s regular activities & ethos. The Trustees may request proof of Charity Status or Charity Registration with HMRC to Claim Gift Aid.

For more information on using our building for your Charities activities, please email: or ring 07918 877498


If we’ve previously spoken or you’ve used one of our rooms and you’d like to make a donation, then please click the ‘Donate’ button (below) on this page.

  1. Click on the donate button below
  2. Enter an amount in £ sterling
  3. Click on ‘Donate with a card‘ (or if you have a paypal account, click on the blue donate button)

Thank you!


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