Supporting Missionaries

What we are about as a Church is “Celebrating and sharing the love of God.” It’s what we call our mission statement. The Church was born over 100 years ago as a result of mission and this remains central to what the Church is about.
Mission is both proclamation and demonstration. We want to make known what we believe, but we also want to show the difference our Christian life makes by seeking to make a positive difference both.

TWAM Tools with a Mission

A Christian charity sending tools across the world needs your help.

Could you help to drive a new van in Dorset one day every 10 weeks to either collect tools locally or to take a full van of tools to the M25. Here it will be swapped for an empty van and the full van will then proceed to Ipswich, where the tools are refurbished? They are then packed into skill packs eg carpentry, plumbing, car mechanics, sewing and send out to vocational training centres in Africa, where they are given to young people finishing their course. This enables them to earn their own living and not rely on aid.

The van can be driven on an ordinary driving license and there are no age restrictions.

If you could help just one day every 10 weeks (only 5 days a year) or would like to know more information, please contact John and Wendy Hilton 01305 267098 or e-mail

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