When we meet

Every Weekend



10:30amCelebration Service Live Band, Message, Coffee.

In the morning our worship has a more contemporary feel about it, with a music group. On the first and third Sunday of every month we hold our Junior Church, we call ‘Community Kids’ for the children.

Currently about 100-120 attend on a Sunday morning. We aim for there to be something for the whole family.


7:30pm – ‘Encounter‘ Experience a Supernatural God Read more… Meeting on the last Sunday of every month. Encounter offers an opportunity to praise God and pray together in an unhurried fashion. An opportunity to be open to what God might be saying to us as a Church, or as an individual. An opportunity to seek God together that we might be “One in heart and mind” Acts 4:32

Communion is held on the first Sunday of every month, and can also be taken to those who are unable to attend Church through ill health. We also encourage people to share the Lord’s Supper in their ‘LIFE Groups’.

We meet to encourage one another, to build friendships, to learn and laugh together, and all of this can be in worship to God. At it’s heart we believe Christianity is all about relationships, both with God and with others.

Life Groups

Understanding God’s Word is important for us whenever we meet together. We want to know what God is saying to us and to learn ‘how’ we might better apply His truth to our lives. Our prayer is that people would be asking, “What is God saying to me through His Word?” Small discussion-style groups (that we call ‘LIFE Groups’) also meet during the week.