Becoming a Member

Why do we have a membership then…?

We believe that Church Membership…

  • Confirms locally what is true on a global scale, namely that Christian believers are a part of a specific likeminded family.
  • Affirms what was true of all Christians in the New Testament, namely that they were attached to a specific group of believers. We believe this is both healthy and sensible
  • Creates a sense of belonging and enables people to feel an active part of the life of the Church
  • Places a value on individual believers, giving people the opportunity to voice their views as to what they feel God might be saying to us as a Church
  • Helps to foster a right and biblical view of accountability
  • Highlights those who are under the direct pastoral care of the Church. Although we recognise that all Christians should seek to be supportive of one another, we have specific responsibility to care for those who are part of our own Church family
  • Offers at least a numerical measure as to how we are doing as a Church
  • Is for participators not spectators because every Christian has God given gifts which are graciously given for the building up of the Church and the enabling of God’s mission to be accomplished.  That said, we do recognise that there are times when not everyone is able to be actively involved, either through ill health or personal circumstances, but we passionately believe in what might be termed ‘all-member ministry’
  • Demonstrates an individual’s commitment not only to Jesus but to his cause within the context of a specific family of believers.  Our hope is that everyone ‘with us’ is able to own and grab hold of what we are about
  • Enables us to know who is really with us in terms of commitment to the mission God has given to us and enables individuals to affirm to the leaders of the Church, “I’m with you, count me in!”

In one sense as soon as anyone becomes a Christian, they are very definitely a member of God’s Church, and that’s great! You’ve been adopted into a worldwide family of millions of believers and suddenly have loads of brothers and sisters.  But it also seems quite important to know ‘which’ group of believers you belong to.

In the New Testament Christians were a part of a particular Church, and they would see this place as their spiritual home, ie the Church at Corinth or at Rome for example. We don’t know if there was any formalised structure, but they would have had to have had a means of knowing who was and who wasn’t a part of the Church.  For those who wish to see Dorchester Community Church as their spiritual home we have what we call ‘Membership’. It is something that we value highly, because every member has a key role to play in Church life. To be a member of the Church has nothing to do with following a set of rules, but it is certainly more than Church attendance every now and then on a Sunday!

Occasionally someone might say, “But I don’t see Membership anywhere in the Bible?”  There are lots of things we do as Churches that are not recorded in the Bible but we see the sense in having them, ie Junior Church, notice boards, rotas, communion cups etc.  However, for further reading we think the following article by Author and International Bible Teacher John Piper is quite helpful

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Being a part of ‘Dorchester Community Church’

We believe that being a part of a Church is very important, and define such belonging with ourselves as ‘Membership’, aiming to be a Church where people are encouraged to belong in our family, to worship Jesus as Lord, to grow in their faith, to serve and use their God-given gifts, and to share God’s love with others. Below outlines some of the values we feel are key. They are not rules, but they do indicate what we are aiming to be and to do together, in partnership, as Church. These ten values are what we seek to encourage of one another, and are therefore relevant for each of us to think about from time to time.

Why not reflect on the questions posed by these values?


• Are you a Christian? Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord? Do you have a story to tell?

• Do you believe the Bible to be God’s Word for us?


• Do you see your life as being an opportunity to demonstrate your love for God?

• Do you seek to meet regularly with the Church for worship, and do you see members meetings as significant, a time when we seek to encourage one another and seek God together?


• Do you pray for the Church, its ministries, and its leaders, and seek to meet for prayer if possible?


• Have you been baptised by immersion, and if not would you be open to finding out more about this?

• Are you linked with a specific ‘LIFE Group’, or if not would you like to be?


• Have you a willingness to serve, and are you involved in a specific area of Church life?

• Are you eager to discover and to use your spiritual gifts? Do you look out for opportunities to serve?


• Do you aim for your words and actions to speak well of Jesus?

• Do you try to talk to your friends about the Church and about your faith, maybe inviting them along to Church at the weekend, or to particular outreach events?


• Do you see your finances as a gift from God, and seek to set aside a proportion for Him and His work?

• Do you aim to give regularly to the Church, gift-aiding this where possible?

• Have you considered leaving something in your will to God’s work to make a spiritual impact for eternity?


• Do you look out for others, those on their own, or seek to make contact with those not around?

• Do you support the Church Leaders, and recognise their spiritual authority?


• Do you seek to study the Bible and to listen to God regularly? Do you listen to messages on line?

• Do you aim to grow in your faith, and to put God’s Word into practise?


• Do you seek to exhibit the fruits of the Spirit in your own life?

• Do you believe God wants to work both in and through you, so peoples’ lives can be changed?

RF – March 2017

If you would like to consider being a member of the Church, please speak to one of the Leaders or Contact Us.

Membership Growth

at the start
of the Year
2016136 410 -6
(End of March)

We currently have 125 church members. (March 2017)

What we believe

Dorchester Community Church is a member of the Evangelical Alliance (Membership Number: 150662), and as such is very comfortable with adopting their statement of faith. You can check this out through their own website on

We are aware that the above may sound very ‘wordy’ so if you would like to chat about these doctrinal issues further, please do contact us.

You can read more about what we believe by reading our Church Constitution, which is available upon request.

We ran a teaching series looking further at what we believe, and you may wish to get hold of a tape of some of the subjects we’ve covered, such as the Bible, Prayer, the Trinity, Salvation, Jesus coming again, Baptism, Communion, and Reaching Out to Others. Please contact  for further information.

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