Dorchester Community Church

A warm welcome from our new home in Poundbury!

Dorchester Community Church - Our first Sunday Service on Poundbury

We are currently looking at Jesus’ great “I am” claims in John’s Gospel. Remember you can explore these when you come to Church on either Saturday morning, Sunday morning or Sunday evening. Come when is best for you, or to the style that best suits you, or to that which you feel you could invite your friends.

The theme for this weekend is: “Is he the way to be fruitful?”

Dorchester Community Church - Roger FrapwellSATURDAY 17TH
10:30am – Café Church – speaker Roger Frapwell including chat, music, message, Q&A and munchies!

10:30am – Celebration – speaker Roger Frapwell, including our Live Band, God’s message, Kids activities & Coffee.

6:00pm – Traditional Service – speaker Roger Frapwell, with some of your favourite hymns and a cuppa!

For more information on other events taking place this week at Dorchester Community Church, please read our weekly online newsletter or check out our event calendar. The latest Church Magazine called “The Bridge” is also available to download here.


Dorchester Community Church

is about about people “Celebrating and sharing the love of God“. The above menu-links will tell you what we are about, and how you can get involved! Whether you wish to find directions to the Church, link in with a small group, listen to a recent message from the weekend, see what we do in the community, or find out more about the Christian faith, you should find everything you need to know at the click of a button! If you can’t find what you want immediately, please use the ‘search’ function at the top right of every page, or alternatively, please fill in the Contact form.

The theme for last weekend was: “Is he the way to God?”, we read from John 14:1-11

Dorchester Community Church - Roger FrapwellSUNDAY 11TH
10:30am – Celebration – speaker Roger Frapwell
>> Listen to this talk

6:00pm – Traditional Service – speaker Roger Frapwell
>> Listen to this talk

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