Church History

The History of our Church

The Church began in 1887 as a group of Christians meeting, following – we understand – the ministry of Somerset born Ephraim Venn who was only around 30 years old at the time. He was convinced that he became a Christian on 11th July 1876.

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Where we are at the moment

Let’s have a glimpse of the building, and Church life, 100 years ago…! The building itself was surrounded by other buildings, all fairly close. This together with the stained glass windows gave quite a dark and gloomy appearance! Coat hangers were all around the walls (as most people walked of course!) and selected Bible verses were displayed on the walls. As a result of people not having cars back then, outings were enjoyed by steam train!

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Some facts about our Church

Dorchester Community Church was responsible for a ‘Counties’ evangelist to be seconded. The first being Nelson Walker. For over 30 years we have supported Stephen Gillham in his ministry. Many of our young people look forward to the camps each year and Stephen is one of our visiting speakers.  Stephen has handed much of his work over to Ian Carr, whom we also seek to support.  We also support Counties workers Jon Brain, in Wiltshire, and Mike Strange, in Somerset.

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