Supporting Mission

As a Church we exist to Celebrate and share the love of God. The latter part involves mission and this, we believe, is the purpose of the Christian Church (Acts 1:8). A closer look at this verse highlights, in principle, that we should seek to reach out to those on our doorstep, those in neighbouring communities, and ultimately those elsewhere in the world.

So what do we do as ‘Dorchester Community Church’?

Solomon Nathaniel

Solomon Nathaniel

  • We hold occasional outreach events to which people can invite their friends.
  • We occasionally host an annual Holiday Club for children
  • We support the work of Counties evangelists in Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset, and we use the term ‘support’ to mean both prayerfully and financially
  • We encourage members to take part in short term mission projects overseas, and these have included trips to Cambodia, South Africa, and the Philippines
  • We support the ministry of Solomon Nathaniel in India
  • We support other projects, as we feel appropriate, with a variety of one-off grants
  • Financially, we tithe 10% of all that is given to the general fund of the Church for the purpose of mission

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