About Us

The “Ministry of Puppets” is a group of people from Dorchester Community Church, led by Andrew Pinder and Andrea Chant, with some amazing scenery and visual aids being created by the talented Adam.

It is a major part of our outreach ministry – not only within the Church but in the community as well. Practising every week, The “Ministry of Puppets” creates sketches for schools, all-age services and other one-off occasions.  They are loved across the ages and although you might think that this is something ‘for the children’, we’ve noticed that adults of any age are just hooked by a puppet!  We hope they’ll be grabbed by the message they bring too! The Bible encourages us to share the great message we have “by all possible means”, and this is certainly both a creative and effective one.  There are times when we laugh and times when we can nothing other than watch or listen, being captivated by what is still the very best story of all…


The overall aim is to go into schools, hospitals, care homes and anywhere people will have us. We even took the Puppets when we visited Siyabuswa, South Africa in August 2011. “You might want a sneak preview of one of our practice nights…? This was the first full run through of a sketch that we did, there are mistakes, but hopefully you’ll get the idea… and a lot of changes have been made since” – Andrea.

Book the Ministry of Puppets!

If your church, school or other organisation would like to book the ‘Ministry of Puppets’ for a special event or occasion, then please get in touch!

Andrew Pinder

Andrew Pinder

Leadership Team - Ministry of Puppets