Leo Bback to Real Lives

Leo’s Life Story

I came to Christ in 2014, after my parents got divorced. We lost our family home and we had to make a new life on our own. I was also really badly bullied at school. My mum and I were battling with a lot of difficult things in our lives. I noticed she could cope, somehow, so I asked her for advice. She said that she had an answer to all my problems, if I was open minded enough. It was then when I got to know Jesus, and once I had built up a personal relationship with Him, it was then when my mum recommended we join a church family. Soon after joining, I felt led to be baptised, and was completely Born Again in July 2016, best decision of my life.

There is only so much you can do on your own when you come to faith. Building up that personal relationship with God is important, and then you get to that point where the Holy Spirit puts that need in you to serve. I think it’s good to plant yourself within a church family. Put your roots down and grow In order to bear fruits one day. I feel this church is the right place to progress, as i have already served for a year as a non member doing the coffee service, senior citz, drumming in the worship team and being in the AV team. And by becoming a member, my church family can see i am committed to serving God and can be taken seriously and encouraged. Often as a young person, you get that people don’t take your faith seriously. I want to make sure that, just because i am a “kid”, i can still develop my skills and spiritual gifts to serve God and the church. I want to promote and encourage people of my generation to get to know God. For them to know it’s not uncool, and that Jesus is the only one who can help you through life’s struggles and for you to find your identity in the confusing time of becoming an adult, and to realise we are not perfect, but we are made perfect in Christ.

Leo – October 2018