Remembrance Day

Remembering those who have fought and fallen for our country.

Remembrance Day 2019

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Speaker: Roger Frapwell,
Series: Remembrance Day
Date: 11th November 2019
Download: Remembrance Day 2019
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It is good to remember... each year Dorchester hosts a very poignant service at the Cenotaph which is attended by around 1,000 people.  This year our Pastor was invited to lead prayers at the short service.  You can enter in to what was prayed right here...

As well as our remembering those who died and those who suffered, and those who continue to, can we encourage you to pray for those who were present at the Cenotaph, that maybe thoughts were triggered about our own lack of inner peace?  Or our undealt with conflicts within?  Or of the need for forgiveness?  Maybe for some this is likely to be their only experience for something of 'Church' on their calendar?

Pray that God might stir something within of the God who loves them and wants a relationship with them.  Thank you.

Pastor Roger Frapwell

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