The Foodbank in Dorchester

Many in our community have been hit by the economic downturn. Anecdotal reports from various agencies and charitable organisations confirm that local people are experiencing crises when money runs out and their families go hungry.

Dorchester’s Foodbank will be a store of non-perishable, in-date basic food.

Who can be referred?

Supplies will be given to families and individuals in crisis, referred to the Foodbank by recognised people or agencies (which Dorchester Community Church is one). Food provided will be enough to sustain them for three days.

The Foodbank will also refer recipients on to appropriate statutory or voluntary agencies. The direction of onward referral will reflect the underlying causes of the crisis. While this is being addressed, support may be repeated for a limited period.

Opening Times

  • Mondays 12pm-2pm
  • Wednesdays 10am-12pm
  • Fridays 10am-12pm.

An on-call system will make the Foodbank accessible to those who cannot visit during the normal opening hours.

Distribution Centre

The food parcels will be distributed from The Dorford Centre in the first instance. Later, if the need grows, other churches and community groups may be invited to become part of a networked organisation providing the service.

Dorchester’s Foodbank also will gratefully receive donations of food and items

Dorchester Community Church

FoodbankIn our church, members of the ‘Community Involvement Forum’ will hold the vouchers which enable people to collect food parcels from Dorchester’s Foodbank.

Please speak to one of them if you know someone who would benefit from this service.

List of ideas for the Foodbank


For further Information / Contact


Phone: (01305) 262045

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