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`Britain Get Talking’ is an ITV Mental Wellness campaign to help families get closer. Anxiety and depression in children have apparently risen by 48% since 2004. but talking and listening can build mental wellness, so hence the encouragement to tune back in to the story in our own living room. These next two months, as you can see from articles elsewhere, we are focusing on prayer so with the above initiative in mind that expresses the priority and importance of talking, we want to encourage more talking too, so as well as talking to one another let’s seek creative ways as to how we can step up on talking to our maker. Maybe ask a friend to partner you once a week? Maybe include prayer in a text conversation? Maybe at the end of a family meal time give the whole conversation to God? `Church Get Talking’ Starts right here right now. Try Praying.

Lessons from the first Church ever - PM

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Recorded: Sunday 4th November 2019 - PM Service

Speaker: Roger Frapwell,
Series: Church Get Talking
Date: 4th November 2019
Download: Lessons from the first Church ever - PM
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Scriptures: Acts 2:42-47
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  1. Prayer must be a part of our Christian lives – if we are too busy to pray we are too busy! What we see and read in the Bible is an example for us.
  2. Prayer confirms our reliance and trust in God and not in ourselves – lack of prayer suggests a DIY faith! No prayer = no trust, ie “I can do this on my own”
  3. Prayer can be any time, any place, and with any number of people – home, by the sea, in prison, on a roof, in a bedroom, on a ship, in the Church... no-one can stop you from praying
  4. Prayer expresses our worship and our seriousness to God – thanking, praising, fasting or pleading
  5. Prayer has the potential for both prevention and cure – preventing bad handling of disputes? Many meetings I’ve dreaded, and so have prayed, have not got as bad as they might have done.  Faith says this is not fate.  What about when there’s still been a bad outcome?  We should still pray!
  6. Prayer is the means of our receiving from God – forgiveness, salvation, Holy Spirit, healing, guidance
  7. Prayer is a channel for God to speak to us – silence can be a gift, we can’t hear if we’re talking! Some prefer   this!  Ex 20: 19.  If we are deaf to God’s specifics we can keep our faith sensible, lacking in risk.

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