Holiday Food Club

We have been providing food parcels to families on pupil premium (free school meals) for the last three years during the August holidays when the schools are closed.

The parcels contain fresh and non perishable food and families will receive their parcels each week for four weeks. This year we expect to support around 90 families. The food is purchased from supermarkets to ensure we can provide consistency within the parcels.

Our financial support comes from private trusts, churches and individuals. We have almost reached our target but any surplus will be used for our Christmas parcels.

Volunteers help to pack the parcels on the day and spend time with the families. We provide tea/coffee/cake and games for the children and again volunteers provide the cakes. We operate from the Dorford Centre.

For administrative reasons we operate under the Dorchester Foodbank umbrella.

Your prayers for this venture would be appreciated.

John Weir

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