Corona Virus

Talks in this series were recorded and made available during the corona virus pandemic.

Coronavirus – Walk, Talk and be Grateful

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Recorded: Sunday 26th April 2020.

Speaker: Roger Frapwell, Andrew Pinder, Mandy Buller, Sue Budden,
Series: Corona Virus
Date: 26th April 2020
Download: Coronavirus – Walk, Talk and be Grateful
Plays: 4
Scriptures: Luke 24: 13-35
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Coronavirus – Walk, Talk and be Grateful

Here’s some brief observations:-

  • They recognized Jesus when he broke the bread - nail marks in hands (v.31 & 35)
  • “Then their eyes were opened” suggests that each of us need God to open our eyes. When I became a Christian back in 1983 I was convinced that it was all ‘me’ making that decision.  Over the years I’ve seen it was all to do with God revealing Himself to me.  That’s what we call ‘Grace’.  What we do not deserve and could never earn.  WOW!!
  • They then understood who was behind ‘that feeling’ they had when they were talking with him and whilst he was unpacking what the Bible meant… ever felt that and not been able to figure out why? Be grateful for what God has done for you… and wants to do…
  • What they did next was tell people they now ‘knew’ that Jesus was alive. Some would say, “Well, they believed anyway…” but when you ‘know’… then you know.  Imagine trying to make green, but you don’t know how… then someone comes along and introduces you to blue and yellow and suggests you mix them… then you get green!  When you have discovered what it is that makes green, why look for anything else?

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