An Evening with Brian Gault at The Storehouse Church

3 Cambridge Road, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 2LR

Sunday 8th March 6pm

“Have you ever felt like giving up?
Then, you must meet Brian. His love for life is infectious.
His determination not to allow his physical disability to make him an outcast or socially isolated is awesome and inspirational.”

Brian is one of the survivors of the ‘miracle drug’ Thalidomide used during the the early 1960’s in the UK.
To the shock of his parents, he was born with no arms.
His feet are his hands, his legs his arms, each word uttered is underlined with a gesture of his leg and foot. as he explains –
“the only time his feet rest is when he is walking.”

Brian is “over the moon” at the response to his story – throughout the British Isles, Ireland & Worldwide
He married his “wee treasure” – May in  August 2000.

(All royalties from Brian’s best-selling book 23rd reprint – “Look, No Hands!” are providing practical support and helping raise awareness of the plight of children who are still being born with Thalidomide-related disabilities in Brazil and also supporting disabled children and adults throughout the world)

 His book could be an ideal gift/present. Brian will be only too pleased to chat with everyone after the meeting.

A collection will be taken during the meeting for Brian’s work

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