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Sue’s Story

I came into membership on 1st February and shared part of my story that day.  I live in Bere Regis with my husband Clive and we have a son, Craig, who lives in Eastleigh.

I didn’t become a Christian until May last year and when I prayed to the Lord that day and asked him to come into and be Lord of my life I also asked him to help me find a church.

I used the Internet and looked at loads of websites and listened to lots of sermons and kept praying and asking the Lord to show me where he wanted me to go.  In late November I found Dorchester Community Church, I read through the website and listened to one of Rogers sermons and I said out loud `that’s where I am going’.

I came here for the first time on Sunday 7th December. Dee was on the door and welcomed me.  I sat down and Roger came over, he welcomed me and introduced me to Sara and we chatted.  When the service started I had no idea what to expect …. I didn’t know any of the songs or the tunes….the words on the screen didn’t always match what the worship team were singing….. I didn’t know when to stand up and when to sit down …. But none of that mattered, I didn’t feel uncomfortable, I felt happy, I sang like I’ve never sung before and I felt at home and it’s been the same every week.

I want to celebrate and thank the Lord for answering my prayers and bringing me to this church; for the warm welcome I have received from everyone and for the friends I have already made.

Sue – May 2015


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