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Recorded talks / Teaching (9)
"The gift of healing"
Isaiah 61:1-3 (Part of the The Gift of... series).
Speaker was Roger Frapwell on 16th December 2018 (Sunday Morning).
"Looking forward to what God has in store!"
Isaiah 43:1-3 (Part of the People with a Purpose series).
Speaker was Roger Frapwell on 16th September 2018 (Sunday Morning).
"Feast your eyes on the Banquet!"
Isaiah 25:6-9 (Part of the The Purpose of... series).
Speaker was Roger Frapwell on 18th March 2018 (Sunday Evening).
"God does not change" AM
Malachi 3:6 (Part of the I will be with you always series).
Speaker was Roger Frapwell on 21st May 2017 (Sunday Morning).
"Journey Home - Hope for the World"
Luke 4:14-30 (Part of the Journeys with Jesus series).
Speaker was Roger Frapwell on 22nd February 2015 (Weekend Theme).
"Sharing Together"
Isaiah 49:1-10 (Part of the The Five Pillars series).
Speaker was Roger Frapwell on 10th March 2013 (Sunday Evening).
"Serving Together"
Isaiah 41:5-10 (Part of the The Five Pillars series).
Speaker was Roger Frapwell on 24th February 2013 (Sunday Evening).
"Jesus is accused"
Matthew 26:57-68 (Part of the Journey to the Cross series).
Speaker was Roger Frapwell on 22nd July 2012 (Sunday Evening).

Talks, part of a series or a workshopsermons

Revelation Series

Trying to make sense of the Christian life – A whistle stop tour of the book of Revelation.

Discipleship Course

As the name might suggest, this course is about discovering more about what it means to be a disciple (follower) of Jesus. It is ideal for anyone who has just completed the ‘Alpha’ course, or who is a relatively new Christian, or wants a brush up on the basics.

Furthering The Journey

This course is for those people who would like to delve a little deeper, especially regarding our own values. It is an ideal course for those who are considering becoming members of the Church, or who has relatively recently become members of the Church.

Our 5 Pillars

This series unpacks 5 biblical principles which we see as being very key in maintaining a healthy balance with what we do and what we seek to be about.


This 10 week course draws on the material of J John and offers both a fresh and challenging look at The Ten Commandments.


Andy Arscott

Interview with Andy Arscott
Dorchester Family Church ‘Senior Leader and Elder’
(Recorded Sunday 7th August 2016)

Tanya Trott

Interview with Tanya Trott
Our ‘Children and Families Worker’
(Recorded Sunday 26th July 2015)

Ian Carr

Interview with Counties / Ian Carr
‘Counties Evangelist for Dorset’
(Recorded Sunday 15th June 2014)

Jon Brain

Interview with Counties / Jon Brain
(Recorded Sunday 2nd December 2012)

Doug Barnett

Interview with Counties / Doug and Sue Barnett
Sharing about their work in Iraq, their view of the Christian Church in the UK, their various ministries over the years and answering questions from the congregation
(Recorded Sunday 23rd September 2012)

Jo Chant

Interview with Jo Chant
Shares about her time as a student at Moorlands Bible College
(Recorded Sunday 23rd September 2012)

Stephen Gillham

Interview with Stephen and Jean Gillham
Sharing about handing over the Camp they have run for 37 years, and also the challenges and opportunities for Christians in Schools
(Recorded Sunday 14th October 2012)

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