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Main Courses

Every Weekend


10:30am – Cafe Church
Chat, Music, People Stories, Q&A, Munchies
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10:30am – Celebration
Live Band, Message, Kids Activities, Coffee
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6:00pm – Traditional Service
With all your favourite hymns and a cuppa
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Side Orders


Alternative ‘styles’ of Church, but less often – Why not come along! (Please checkout our Event Calendar for more details)


2:00pm – Songs of Praise
Specifically, Church for the Elderly
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4:00pm – ‘Connect’
Action packed Church across all the age groups
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7:30pm – ‘Encounter’
Experience a Supernatural God
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Sunday Worship Group

Understanding God’s Word is important for us whenever we meet together. We want to know what God is saying to us and to learn ‘how’ we might better apply His truth to our lives. Our prayer is that people would be asking, “What is God saying to me through His Word?” Small discussion-style groups (that we call ‘LIFE Groups’) also meet during the week.

Communion is held at various times, and can also be taken to those who are unable to attend Church through ill health. Currently we have communion altogether twice a month, the second Sunday evening, and the fourth Sunday morning, but we also encourage people to share the Lord’s Supper in their ‘LIFE Groups’.

We meet to encourage one another, to build friendships, to learn and laugh together, and all of this can be in worship to God. At it’s heart we believe Christianity is all about relationships, both with God and with others…If you want to know more about what ‘Communion’ is about, why not listen to the audio teaching from the Discipleship Course on Communion?

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