Let’s do our bit!

Here at Dorchester Community Church we’re seeking to become better caretakers (or stewards) of God’s wonderful creation by reducing, re-using and re-cycling our waste.

Is there a Christian reason to recycle?christian-recycle

But why should we, as Christians, be interested in helping to protect our environment? Well, there are 3 main reasons;

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So how do we ‘go green’?recycle

REDUCE – To prevent the production of waste before it’s created e.g. stopping junk mail.

RE-USE – Using products over again in their current form for the same purpose or another use e.g. shopping bags for life.

RECYCLE – the bins in the kitchen at Church will take ALL kinds of paper and cardboard, glass bottles, food tins, plastic bottles and drink cans. Making something old into something new e.g. plastic bottles can be made into fleece jackets, street signs and furniture.


Want to stop receiving all that Junk Mail?junk_mail

Junk Mail
To remove your name from direct mail lists contact:
Mailing Preference Service,
FREEPOST 29 (LON 20771),
(email: )

To stop receiving un-addressed junk mail contact:
Royal Mail Door to Door,
Opt Outs,
Kingsmead House,
Oxpen Road,
(email: )

Recycling at Churchrecycling1

What do we currently recycle ?

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