Opportunities to Serve in Church

Serving in the Church

We believe that God has gifted each believer with specific gifts that are to be used to serve God on earth and to act as an encouragement to others.
We also believe that each of us should have a heart to serve, as modeled by Jesus himself.

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Jobs & Responsibilities

Last Updated: October 2018


There are times when new ministries are suggested, or when people even want to start things off their own back. Usually one of the leaders is approached, which is right, but people don’t always know what they should do if they would like to start something or feel the Church should start something.

    • We want to be open to all that God wants for us – this includes what new ministries to start and what existing ministries to stop
    • We recognise that there is a difference between a good idea and a God idea – sometimes it’s just timing

Should you want to start a new ministry or feel that the Church should:-

  • Pray about the issue.  Do you believe this might be God-led?
  • Is there a need?  See what others think
  • Consider how might this work in practice?  Resources, sustainability, finance
  • What, if any, might your role be in this new ministry?
  • Share your thoughts with any member of the Leadership Team
  • This will likely be passed on to the Elders
  • If you have heard nothing back after a few months, speak to the same person from the Leadership Team


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