21/01/17 – 14:30-15:30 (1 hour)
 UPDATED  Updated the Opportunities to serve page with Ministries that need fulfilling now.

14/01/17 – 09:00-17:00 (8 hours)
 UPDATED  Moved entire site over to support SSL / other minor fixes and Events CCS styling.

20/12/16 – 16:30-18:30 (2 hours)
 UPDATED  All gallery views to show the new gallery format.
 NEW  Moved the entire website over to a new CloudLinux Server that now includes https support, you can now access this website from

21/06/16 – 08:00-12:30 (4.5 hours)
 UPDATED  Backed up Optimised database.
 UPDATED  Newsletter and WP-Optimise plugins.
 NEW  Added a Error 404 ‘Page not found’ .php page. Now gives user some better search options and also emails the administrator about users trying to access non-existent pages.

19/06/16 – 15:00-16:10 (70 minutes)
 UPDATED  Checked plugin performances, Optimised WP-Database and backed up DB.
 UPDATED  Updated the plugin ‘Newsletter’ to v4.5.2.
 NEW  Added ‘prayerrequests’ to the drop down list of contacts on the contact page. This will allow anyone to request prayer from our contact page.
 UPDATED  Updated the front page to include the link to today’s sermon.
 UPDATED  Updated sermon list to include today’s talk from Mike Strange.

17/06/16 – 15:00-19:00 (4 hours)
 NEW  Added a new plugin (Smart countdown FX) and configured so we have different type of countdown to an event on the website. I have disabled the plugin for the time being as we are waiting on the flyers being ‘rubber stamped’ before ordering for the Family Fun Day on Sunday 24th July.

15/06/16 – 19:30-00:30 (5 hours)
 NEW  Added additional Facebook sdk plugin to top of side-bar widget.
 NEW  Added new side-bar slide to show artists impression of new building for ‘The Future’.
 NEW  Added 2 new photos of new building to Room Hire gallery page to show new rooms for hire in 2017!
 UPDATED  Updated the Church LIFE Groups page changing text to ‘Church LIFE Groups’ (as per RF request).
 UPDATED  Updated the Faith to Share Course as course now started.
 FIXED  Problem with WP-DownloadMgr not allowing downloads / Whitescreen. Fix was to de-activate all plugins, then activate all except WP-DM and 3 WP-DM’s and Nextgen Gallery. Activate WP-DM extensions (3). Activate DL-Mgr and then activate Nextgen Gallery.
 FIXED  Problem with photo gallery ‘Baptism of Jasmine’ not showing after plugin updates. Fixed issue by deleting and re-adding Jasmines gallery.
 UPDATED  Updated Plugins; Email Encoder, Newsletter and WP-Members.
 UPDATED  Added Dorcas to members area.

12/06/16 – 18:30-00:30 (6 hours)
 UPDATED  Index page to show next weeks events for Sunday 19th June 2016.
 NEW  Added photos / video / baptism testimony to Jasmine’s page. Edited and uploaded this week’s sermons from this morning and evening. (Roger supplied whatsapp recorded PM service.
 UPDATED  Updated front page to hyper-link to new sermons.
 UPDATED  Removed REMEMBRANCE front page slideshow and page.
 NEW  Created this changelog page so that I can keep track of updates. Added page to main menu structure under ‘About this website’.

11/06/16 – 11:00-11:30 (30 minutes)
 UPDATED  Main page to reflect this weekend items. Edited E-News page to remove hyper-links from flicker.

10/06/16 – 22:00-03:00 (4 hours)
 NEW  Created custom contact form for ‘Room Bookings’ page that will assist room bookings team have a clear record of what is required by persons wanting to hire any rooms.

09/06/16 – 22:00-03:00 (5 hours)
 NEW  Installed Plugin Contact From 7. Using WP-Optimise to find a fast contact form for use on the website.
 UPDATED  Created custom contact form for ‘contact us’ page, that now allows users to email staff / teams directly.