Part of our Vision is to be a Church where prayer underpins everything we do and is reflected in our lifestyle.

When we Meet for Prayer


We offer prayer ministry to anyone who would like it after any of our services.  This is always very low key with confidentiality assured.


We also have one of our LIFE Groups that acts as a prayer group.  They meet Monday evenings at the Church from 7.30-9.00pm


We meet on the first Saturday in the month, between 10:00am and 11:00am at The Quiet Space in Dorchester.  We then go to the site for the new Church building and pray over the new site briefly, for the construction, for the safety of workers and for the Poundbury community

Quarterly – “Fanning The Flames”

We meet with several other Churches in the Town four times a year for an event we call ‘Fanning The Flames’, the aim being “to seek God together for the transformation of our community.”  These are great times of worship and prayer, and also times when we try to discern what God is saying to us.

Praise & Prayer Evenings we call ‘Encounter’

Every other month, on a Sturday evening from 7.30-9.30pm at the Church, we hold praise and prayer evenings.  These give us opportunity for extended times of worship, but also enable us to focus our attention on key issues that need our prayers.  We also give people opportunity to share what they feel God might be saying to them

Encounter soundbyte (Listen here below)

24 / 7

Although not organised by ourselves, we have been very committed to this initiative.  Time slots can be booked out over a week of prayer in the local community, often ‘The Quiet Space‘ in Poundbury. Please click here to visit the 24 /7 prayer website.

Prayer Ministry

We offer an opportunity for people to receive prayer after our services on Sundays. These are very low key but have been really appreciated, and many have sensed “one touch from the King”

Prayer Support via email

If there is an urgent prayer request then we post this to members on email so there can be an immediate response to any given issue.  For those not on email, we try to ensure that those members receive notification from someone who is on email asap