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Sylvia’s Story

Sylvia CoxI was fortunate enough to be born into a Christian family and was christened as a baby.  I then attended Sunday school at a local evangelical Church. I went on to be confirmed at twelve years old. Eventually I married my late husband Richard at our local Church.  After having a family I still went to Church, but not as often and I finally drifted away.

Since attending Church as a young child and reading the Bible I came to learn more about Jesus and my belief in him as the son of God.

My eldest son invited me to see if I would be interested in an Alpha course at his Church, and that is how I came to be here at Dorchester Community Church.

I completed the Alpha course and found that it answered a lot of questions that I had puzzled over for years. It was good to meet and discuss various issues and listen to other people’s opinions.  I would highly recommend the Alpha course to anyone who would like to know more about Jesus, or even for long-standing Christians to refresh their knowledge.

For me, realising that Jesus ‘commands’ us in the bible to be baptised, it is a step that I knew I had to take as an adult believer. I know that having confessed my sins Jesus has given me the opportunity to start afresh. A clean sheet if you like?  I know that believing in God will not make me a better person, but having my faith at least makes me think more about what it is to be a Christian and how I should try to lead a better life, with His help!

I am generally a very shy person and keep myself to myself, but I have to say that I have been warmly welcomed at Dorchester Community Church and know this is the place for me.  I’ve since sadly lost my husband after a short illness, but he was a great support in my journey and I’d like to thank everyone here at Dorchester Community Church for making me feel so at home.

I have since become a member of the Church and enjoy be actively involved in serving where I can.

Baptism Testimony – Read by Kay Cox


Sylvia – Sunday 10th May 2015.

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