Paula’s – Life Story

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My relationship with Jesus started when I was baptised in a Catholic Church. I studied in a Catholic School for eight years. I never felt spiritually fulfilled in the Catholic Church and always felt something was missing. I thought that this type of Church was not following the Bible or Jesus’ teachings. Somehow my relationship with God would not develop and I ended up leaving the Church and living apart from God.

I spent at least seven years without having God in my life. Before I surrendered to Christ I was full of insecurity, doubts, fear, loneliness and void. I felt I was heading in the wrong direction, with no sense of purpose or belonging. Life seemed hopeless and full of despair. I began to question the meaning of life and my purpose in it.

Paula Baptism at Dorchester Community Church 070713


One day, when I was feeling low, someone who I rarely spoke to, called me out of the blue and told me that all I needed was God in my life. This gave me something to think about. Two months later I felt the desire to go to Church and on my own I attended an evening service at DCC. While there I knew that this was the place where God wanted me to be. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit for the very first time and I felt truly welcomed by the members of this Church. I wanted to know more about Christ and how to have a personal relationship with God. In that same evening two Christians talked about the Alpha course and I was given a Bible. I went home with a sense of joy and I knew that I had found my spiritual home.

Since dedicating my life to Christ, I feel the sense of love, joy, happiness and peace. For the very first time in my life I belong to Jesus and I embrace Him fully as my Lord and Saviour. By surrendering myself to Christ the void and sense of despair I had, were washed away. For me being baptised is the way of cementing my relationship with God, becoming closer to Him.

Paula – Sunday 7th July 2013