Lindsey’s – Life Story

Lindsey was baptised at Dorchester Community Church on Sunday 8th April 2012

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It was at one rehearsal with Dorchester Drama that a friend of mine called Jonny mentioned the Church he went to. He explained what you did and just the general things, it was then that I got the most powerful feeling, at the time I hadn’t really realised what it was but on reflection I know that it was God. So when Jonny suggested I came along I jumped at the chance!!I have to say I was very nervous coming to Church for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect, whether I would be judged, would people talk to me, would I be welcomed?. But, it was one of the most life-changing days ever!!! The feeling of belonging, being welcomed, not judged, that I’m not on my own, words cannot explain how absolutely amazing it was. For the first time in my life I actually felt properly part of something, I didn’t feel I had to pretend, I could just be me and that was accepted. It was the first day that I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and thought I can beat this depression, I am worth something if not to anyone else then I am to God, and it was then that I almost physically felt the depression lifting…

I was ecstatic, completely overwhelmed especially by how lovely everyone was. I remember sitting there almost in a trance thinking this is sooooo amazing. From then on every time I went to Church the services were so inspirational and always relevant to me and how I was feeling. I don’t know whether it happened on purpose but the services almost always seem to relate to something that had happened to me that week and something that I needed God to help me with it was truly amazing!!! A few months went past and God continued to reach out to me and Church taught me God’s way.


Then I worked away in Turkey for 6 months I hate to say it but I kind of turned my back on God a little bit. Not being able to go to Church every week and being the only Christian in the group made me feel quite isolated. Also my depression had returned.  On my return from Turkey I had sunk quite deeply into depression but God had spoken to me and said I needed to go back to Dorchester Community Church so that is exactly what I did. The feeling of love I got from everybody was amazing and I thought God really does want me to follow him and he loves me. I went through a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the next few months but what got me through it was knowing that God was beside me and feeling his presence within me get stronger by the day. This was the time where I grew spiritually and I felt like I had been lifted off the ground. I literally went from thinking “well maybe God is there maybe I will go to Church and just find out about him” to “WOW God is amazing and he is reaching out to me and he wants me to follow him!”

The song ‘Here I Am Lord’ means a lot to me.  I was looking at facebook when I saw one of my friends had posted a link to a video on youtube called ‘Here I Am Lord’.  I watched the video and I felt myself become a proper Christian within seconds. It was very real.  The video was about God calling us and asking us to follow him. It was emphasising that God wants us no matter who we are or what we have done in our past and he loves us. From that moment on I knew I had to follow God and the life he wanted me to lead. This is why the song is so special to me.

It was around this time I joined one of the Church’s LIFE groups, which are small groups that meet weekly, and words cannot describe how amazing these people are to me. I really feel like part of the group and like they have nurtured me along my spiritual path. The group has really helped me turn my life around and build my relationship with God and knowing that each one of them is there for me no matter what happens or what I have done is a great feeling. I definitely would not be where I am today without them and I cant thank them all enough. I want to thank each and everyone from Dorchester Community Church  for making the Church what it is: a fantastic place where we can all come and praise God. I am ready to follow God and be the best Christian I can and I know I have the support of the Church and everyone in it to do that.  They are such amazing people!!!


In this video, we hear about Lindsey’s Testimony.
(Recorded: Sunday 8th April 2012)

Lindsey Maton Baptism Testimony

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