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Kate’s Story

I am 8 years old and live in Crossways.

I want to get baptised because Jesus says in the Bible that we should get baptised if we believe in Him.

I do believe in Jesus, and God, and the Holy Spirit. I’ve believed for as long as I can remember.

I know that God loves me and I love Him, and I know He wants to help me every day. I pray and He answers me in my heart, and in actual ways too.

One example is that before moving to our new house last year, I asked for a playmate on the street who believed in Jesus and He gave me both Jasmine and Fraser, who were both in my class at school and come to our Church (although Fraser has moved from our school now).

Or when I hear questions from the devil in my head, to start with I just said “no” but they continued, so then I started saying the name “Jesus” and they go away immediately, because the word Jesus is like an arrow shot into a person – they die immediately.

Also if I’m a bit upset then I know if I pray then Jesus will help me feel peace quickly.

I feel that now is the right time to get baptised because I love Jesus so much and I want everyone to know.

Kate – June 2015


As Kate’s Pastor, I’m aware that some people might read the above and wonder whether or not an eight year old ‘really’ does think like that and have that depth and reality of faith.  I can assure you she does!  After months (literally!) of Kate pestering me about her wanting to be baptised, I went to see her at her house one day after school.  Conscious of not wanting to ask any leading questions I noted down some of the things Kate said, as she said them.  You can read what I recorded below.  Wow!  What an amazing little girl!  No wonder Jesus said we should become like little children!


When we met up on 12th May 2015

Why are you wanting to be baptised?
Because I feel a small voice in my heart

What do you feel that voice is saying?
That God is telling me it’s time that I was baptised

Do you know who gets baptised?
Yes.  People who are Christians

What does it mean to be a Christian?
Someone who believes in God, but Jews believe in God too so it’s somebody who also believes in Jesus

Who is Jesus?
The Son of God

What did Jesus do?
Died on the cross for our sins

Have you said sorry to him for the bad things you have done?

What happened after Jesus died?
He was raised again

Do you believe that?

Because it says it in the Bible, and I believe the Bible

Then do you know what happened?
Yes.  Jesus went back to heaven

Will you be inviting any of your friends?

Because not all of them believe in Jesus

At Dorchester Community Church we don’t practise Infant Baptism.  We don’t practise Child Baptism.  Neither do we practise Adult Baptism.  We practise Believer’s Baptism.  Why?  Because we believe this is what the bible teaches.  That’s why we had no issue with baptising Kate.

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