Chloe – Life Story

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November 2007 Chloe’s story – aged 14

When I was very young my parents never went to Church, the only Church knowledge I had was from my mum’s parents and my auntie Caroline. I only ever went to Church on rare occasions when my grandparents looked after me and my brother, Jacob, on a Sunday and my papa played the Church organ during the service. I never found the services any fun and always found myself messing about with my brother. Although I always listened in assembles and sang the songs, it didn’t mean much to me and always found it a waste of time.

About five and half years ago, my best friend, Cerys, asked me to come to Church with her and her family. She made it out to be completely different to what I had witnessed before. She told me about her dad being asked to be quieter during Junior Church as they could hear them from the back room whilst they were trying to pray, but when they walked in Stephen Jones was stood on a table with a paper trumpet and kids marching round him. After hearing this, I thought it could be fun and I would give it a go. I found the Church really fun but I didn’t understand the true meaning of it all until I was asked to go to a Christian Camp in Dorset, run by someone called Stephen Gillham. My first thoughts of camp were ‘sing a few songs, listen to someone speak and then just have a mess about with my friends’.

But as the week progressed I realised the true meaning of Church and how much I needed God in my life. I was invited to go to an optional meeting called ‘Camp Christian Fellowship’. Although I can’t remember what Stephen Gillham was speaking about now, it moved me in a way I’ve never experienced before. We then sang the song ‘Above all powers’ and it was then totally clear about the importance of God and what He has done for us. After the meeting I went into the prayer tent and asked God into my life. I found it easy at camp whilst I was with other Christians, but when I came back and returned to school, I then realised how different it was to be a Christian when my friends weren’t, but then I always had Cerys at school with me and also knew God walking right beside me giving me the courage I needed.

I’ve been to camp now for 4 years and every summer my relationship with God has grown and grown.

I find it quite easy to talk to people at school about God because I know that I have God stood right beside and helping me in any situation.

Roger chats with Chloe before her baptism on 25th November 07.

A prayer for Chloe, her family and friends.

A smile before her baptism.

On her way…

Raised to a new life in Jesus!