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Charlie’s Story

I’m 20 years old, live in Weymouth and work for Starbucks on a Holiday Park.

I was raised in a non-church household so God and Christianity was never really talked about. When I was younger I attended a Christian primary school so I got taught about some of the things in the Bible like Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood and Jesus on the Cross but I always thought they were just stories. As I got older I realised people actually went to Church to worship and praise Jesus and I always thought to myself, “why do these people do this?!  They don’t actually think Jesus is real do they?!”  He’s “just a man who died on a Cross in the story” is what I got told at school, so this is what I went on to believe.

In 2013 I met my fiancé Ian, neither of us were Christians at the time but being from a Christian home he had more of an understanding of it than me. In February 2014 Ian and I went to Australia for 8 months.  In our first few weeks we stayed with a couple and they asked us if we would like to attend Church with them but we never did. Over the next few months Ian started to get serious about his faith and started attending Churches to find the right one for him.  I refused to go as I thought, “why should I go if I’m not a Christian?” Ian then started to talk about Jesus to me, playing me videos and playing sermons to me. I would listen to him but then I would always feel he went on too much which put me off wanting to listen the next time! Until one night we went into the city centre, where we was a group of young people evangelising, talking about their Christian faith.  We went and spoke to them and they offered us to come to their Church the next day. We went along and there was a mixture of all people, older people and younger people – and the couple we first stayed with while in Australia!  We didn’t know this was their Church until we saw them after the service had finished. I feel God tried to lead us to this Church in our first few weeks but we never took the offer but He gave us another path to lead us there through the evangelists on the street.

It was at this Church I actually got told the reason why Jesus died on the cross, which is something I never actually knew until that moment. I started to feel bad and wondered why someone would do that for me? My next problem to overcome was why I should ask for forgiveness of my sins? I haven’t done anything that bad in my life. Or had I?  Once I had overcome that thought, one night I couldn’t sleep and started thinking how all these things I’ve learnt all make sense and how there’s more to life, and how Jesus died for everyone’s sins. It was then that I asked for forgiveness and asked Jesus into my life. I started to realise I was actually excited to go to Church and learn new things, I stopped doing the things I used to enjoy doing and have no interest in doing them anymore.

We came to this Church last year and did the ‘Alpha’ course, which looks at various aspects of Christianity.  We have been coming ever since.  Ian was recently baptised but I wasn’t sure I felt ready and wanted to do this for the right reasons.  I’m getting baptised today because I feel I’m at the right point in my Journey with Jesus and I want to show my faith in the Lord.

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Charlie – June 2015


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