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Alan’s Story

I have always believed in God but in a “Church Sense”. I never did anything about it and then in 2008 I was invited to the Church Day at Chantmarle which led me to doing the Alpha Course. The following year I was quite interested to find out more about the Christian faith and I asked Glenda, who was our table leader plenty of searching questions! At that time it seemed that the way I should go was to do the Alpha Course, become a Christian and be baptised. A few people at the end of the course were baptised and maybe I felt a bit pressurised to follow suit. .. When I feel pressure to make a decision I always have taken a step back (and I still do!). I didn’t feel I was ready spiritually or otherwise to be baptised at this time. Actually it put me off altogether for quite a while.

Fast forward to 2012 when on Easter Sunday nine people were baptised. `Safety in numbers’ I thought. I was working all day and I missed the occasion but I would have liked to have been thee. From then on, there seemed to be a feeling in my heart..did I want to be baptised? The following year Paula was baptised and I was there. Ian Blackie said “Is there anyone else?” I nearly shouted out `Yes’ What was making me do that? That year was a very happy one for me and I started thinking “How do I thank God for all my blessings?”

The feeling in my heart was growing stronger this year and there was a baptismal class. No pressure.. Just come along to find out what it is about.
I thought yes. I am happy in my faith and I feel the time is right to step forward on my Christian journey and to be baptised.

To anyone who is thinking about baptism, I would say “It’s your decision and you will know in your heart when the time is right. Praise to God for being with me over the years and who continues to bless me in all my trials , tribulations and pressured decisions!

Listen… In Alan’s Words.

Alan – Sunday 14th June 2015

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