School Retreat 

Retreat days with the Middle Schools 

We have worked alongside the Baptist Church and the Storehouse Church to facilitate retreat days for year 8 pupils.  St Osmund’s were the first school to be involved, but now we are very happy to welcome and work with all three local middle schools.  The day is a mix of discussion, craft, video clips and activities, centred around the theme of “choices, consequence and change”, with a view to the move up to The Thomas Hardye school that they will all be making at the end of their time in year 8. Members of Dorchester Community Church have been a key part of this ministry over the years, and we welcome others to get involved this year. 

Roger is often involved, and he says, “It’s great to have opportunity to spend time with kids face to face. They arrive very quiet and looking quite suspicious of what’s in store but they soon relax and then, slowly but shortly, the giggles are replaced by them sharing some deep views of their own. What rules would they make if they were God? What things would they wish to leave behind when they go to a new school? It is a great day to help prepare the children for what’s next when they go to ‘big school’, but also for them to reflect on some of life’s deeper questions. And as Churches it is a real privilege to have opportunity to facilitate something like that”

Please email for more details.


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